Ladies and Gentleman Runners, from Paris and around the globe, Welcome to your site!

  • If you’ve come here by mistake, welcome! Let us introduce ourselves, we are adidas Runner Sentier, one of the 9 other teams from the adidas Runners Paris circuit, the running championship that has been shaking Paris for 4 seasons.
  • If the infamous black t-shirt, branded with adidas logo and decorated with spirit animals are familiar to you, know that this website is aimed at Every teams! You will be able to find informations about races to come, Facebook pages of each team, and far more!
  • If you don’t know Paris and you are here only for a weekend or just a little more, you will find on this website useful spots to get yourself in the best condition possible before and after your race! Wander around and discover our “best running spots”, our best places to enjoy “a nice meal” before or after the race, and finaly the “best places to go out“!

Our website is aimed at being a collaborative place! You want to share your favorite restaurant or to relay an important information ? Don’t hesitate to contact us!