Places to run in Paris

If the week before a big race is usually about resting your body, running 20 to 30 minutes the day before the race is one of my favourite moment!
Often with 2 or 3 friends, we start from the “Alexandre III” bridge to have a few steps on the pier before heading to the Tuileries Garden, where we can end up the run with some acceleration : the perfect route to get ready for the big day!


Paris is a city gathering a vast amount of garden, it’ll be a shame not to take advantage of it. If you do not get the time to visit them, at least get to run in them ! What if we let you in about our favorite running spots ?

The most easy to access : the Tuileries Garden

Located in the heart of Paris, and in the center of multiple major touristic places in Paris, you cannot miss the Tuileries Garden and its enjoyable 1.8 km lap. Especially if you are looking for a place to shake up your legs the day before the race !

Stuck between the Louvre, Rivoli and the Concorde, it represent the oldest and most important French Garden in Paris.

Want to chill after your run ? Numerous chairs are at your disposition around the central pond.

the “poshest” one : the Parc Monceau

Much like the neighborhood where it is located, The Parc Monceau is one of the most elegant garden in Paris. Once you have passed the impressive gates that protect the parc, you will experience this harbour of peace, surrounded by luxurious buildings and town houses.

Calm and visited by bot tourist and locals, be prepared for a tour you will never get enough of, with its 1km width. Trees and statues will brighten your path, but most of all, the Renaissance styled Arcade of the old City hall will eclipse them all !

The most classic : The Luxembourg Garden

Half French, Hald British, welcome to the garden with the 106 statues taht populates this little and charming Parisian green land !

With a lap a little longer than 2km, you will have plenty enough to warm up before the big day. You will not be alone, as it is one of the favourite spots for runners, but not exclusively. Lot of tourists come to take a break in this place, and when the sun comes, students come to talk a walk between lectures, closely overseen by the Police.

Be sure to make a turn in direction of the Medicis fountain ! Why not associate sport and culture at the same time !

The hilliest one : the “Buttes Chaumont” Parc

One of the most beautiful Parc of Paris ! A small lung of nature in the Ubran jungle ! The car noises in there is so low, that you almost fill youré not in Paris anymore !

The run around the Parc is a little over 2km, enough not to get bored after a few laps !

Multiple itinerary are possible, by loosing yourself in the tortuous path (although be careful of the elevation on the day before the race) or if your feeling lazy, flat laps around the lake, in the center of the parc. Overwathcing the lake, a belveder offers a wondeful view.

Cherry on top : although higly frequented, partly by runners, it is not the most touristic place of Paris.

The most Undergroung : the Ourcq Canal

No traffic lights, no cars and an absolutely flat course : Welcome to one of the best Parisian running spot !

Well suited for a shake out run, the Ourcq Canal, which spreads from Stalingrad to “Far far away” and going trough “La Vilette”, is also a priviledged spot for long run ! Long straight lines, lightened up by street art goes on for miles and miles

For shake out run, don’t go to far, because at half course, you will have to go back the same way.

A quick picture in front of the Geode, that capt the light(or the gray sky) with perfection, and you will be a complete Parisian.

The unmissable : The Seine’s pier

Here, still no traffic light of cars …. Hust some bikes, that will let you enjoy the view of the river, and its surrounding monuments.

Ideal when it is not flooded, Parisians will know what we are talking about… The Seine’s Pier is the nicest place to run at. You can sight some of the most beautilful monuments Paris has to offer.

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