Where to go out at night ?

If you want to party, you’ve come to the right City ! Here is a large selection of places that should answer your every needs !

The Bus Palladium

An institution of the Parisian Night life, the BUS PALLADIUM is one of the coolest places I know. Rock concert to launch the evening, followed by a night of clubbing. But watch out, as it is closed on sunday nights!

Adrien V

“Le Dandy”

“Le Dandy” is a refined and elegant place in the “Saint Germain” neighborhood.

Adrien V

“Le 36 Corneil”

“Le 36 Corneil” is a Wine bar located in the south of the Pigalle, in the 9th district. At 36 Rochechouart street, you will find no shop sign, but instead a large set of glass windows that let you grasp the warm atmosphere of the 36 Corneil.

A festive place on friday and saturday nights, until 2 in the morning. Be preapared to ear all the big classics there is.

Julien D

Berliner Wunderbar

This bar, nested in the cauldron of Lappe street, invites you to live a Berliner Experience in the heart of Paris.

The perfect place for the German beer and good music lovers.

Julien D


Behind the ordinary door of an anonymous building, hides this Night bar with a sulfurous past.

A hidden coktail Bar that stays open until 5 in the morning. People like to go dancing on generalist music there.

Julien D

“Les niçois”

A cantina coming straigh from Nice with its Thirties summer camp spirit, droped in the middle of Paris. “Les Niçois” inherites directly from the south of France, the “French Riviera”.

Petanque court hidden in the basement, Menu that smells the south of France, Pastis fountain, skylight, warm welcome and an accent with soft trills… It is definitly the South in there.

Thomas V


Nested in the 11th District, just behind Gardette Square, the “Enkore” places itself in between corner Bistro and beer Garden. You’ll find there a wide choice of tap craftbeers, organic/natural wine and degustation plates to compose.

A Beer Garden where the owner is a lover of fine beer and a running enthousiast.

Julien D